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Every organization whether big or small is made up of and defined by the people who comprise it. The staff and the employees form an integral part of the organization without which the organization in its truest sense would be incomplete. The people in an organization make or break the organization.

Having people around makes them work together in teams and groups. The principle of Teamwork and Esprit de Corps have to be incorporated into the organization’s system to ensure the achievement of organizational objectives and goals. Some of the important steps that you can incorporate into building Esprit de Corps in your workplace are discussed below.

esprit de corps

1. Reward Cooperation and Efforts 

Effort and cooperation should be rewarded. If the teams are performing well, the team members should be appreciated and their efforts should be recognized. There have been various examples to show that when teams are appreciated for their efforts, they become more encouraged to perform well. It boosts their morale and they feel productive towards the organization.

2. Make the group increase its own morale 

It has been found out through studies that peer pressure is usually more successful in motivating employees than pressure from the top, so make the team members motivate each other. That way everyone is accountable for the level of morale. In short, they will now become more productive and this teamwork will lead the motivated employees working towards the organizational goals together.

3. Plan occasions and trips where people can be away together

A curious thing happens when you take a group of people away from their ordinary surroundings. They get to see the creative side of each other. They become more open to new ideas, and they form strong bonds with each other rather quickly. Such trips become sources of happiness and help to form bonds which will help in both personal as well as professional lives.

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4. Encourage communication

Many times there are conflicts among group members, the group becomes dysfunctional, people fight among each other and small misunderstandings become major grievances and sources of disagreements etc. One of the many reasons why this could be happening could be due to a lack of communication and discussion. You should make sure that the team gets enough opportunities to interact with each other and have healthy discussions. When information travels through the grapevine, it leads to distortion of information and sometimes gets the rumour mills running. Make sure that such cases of wrong information which lead to decreased morale and unsatisfaction among employees do not spread.

VComply Inc.

Following some of these steps and processes would help you a lot in building a sense of teamwork, a feeling of brotherhood and a sense of Esprit De Corps at your workplace. Reap benefits of empowered teams and drive your organization towards success. Using VComply, a GRC software, you encourage teamwork and accountability in your organization. It simplifies all your processes and saves you a lot of time and money too.

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