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There are way too many factors that will work against you when you’re trying to build a business and become a business leader. You can be the best techie, idea generator, service provider or product creator in the world, but without key business leadership traits, your business could struggle.


1. Have a creative Vision

People don’t always get behind leaders, but they almost always respond to creative, compelling, disruptive visions that have the power to transform common personal and business processes.

Too many small-business owners get caught up in yesterday’s problems, not tomorrow’s dreams, so setting your sight on the future is a must. Your business vision should project out one to three years; any longer is just a pipe dream.

Setting a  creative, yet sustainable vision for the future helps you stay on the path to success. To reach your vision, you’ll need to develop strategies, tactics and action plans to keep you on track. Find team members who embrace your passion and can help you achieve it.

2. Be Decisive

Bad business leaders view their companies and their own abilities through a set of rose-colored glasses. There is no place for over-confidence. Also, getting stuck in too much analysis kills the business. Being able to decide on a course of action, often with limited data, is what will make you successful.

Being decisive is making the right decision at the right time for the right reasons, a key factor to foster a culture of trust and open communication in your business. It allows your business to be nimble and quick in successfully completing planned actions that fit into the strategy for realizing your vision.


3. System Execution

It takes a lot of time and energy to conduct business in a standardized manner. There are two systems you should think about executing:
1. Organizational systems.

You people structure should be in place. Interact within your company and outside your company is important. Your organizational systems will dictate the culture of your organization in regards to management, communication, trust and decision making. Looking at your company as an entire system, rather than separate parts, can help you optimize how the human paths work to get the most from your business.

2. Business systems.

These systems assist the organizational systems and do the work. They detail all the steps it takes to go from concept to product delivery and what path those steps take within your company. Document your business systems and include all methods and procedural steps. These systems help you ramp up new staff easily and make getting work done a whole lot easier.

Apart from these, there are so many other characteristics that come into play when starting and running a successful business. There’s no one perfect way to lead – but you can improve your own effectiveness as a business leader by focusing on these 3 important areas.

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