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Majority of the companies, big or small, are feeling the need to adopt newer technologies in order to stay ahead of the competition. Yet, some technologies fail to serve the purpose even after successful deployment
Generally, this is seen because the users do not change with the changing environment. Humans who are comfortable in a certain environment tend to be resistant to new technology or processes at large. We have learnt how to select the best GRC tool for your company in a previous article.

Here, the management or the leadership should be in a position to convince the employees to embrace changes by showing them the benefits of the new technology.

Most of the companies are digital or are in a process of becoming digital. Data is slowly coming to the forefront. This forces the companies to adopt new technologies in order to make sense of such data. Newer technologies and applications increase efficiency, productivity, sales. It also helps in better decision making.
Yet, if the culture of the organization is rigid or traditional, not every employee shall be on board to welcome a new change.

What can a company do to increase technology adoption? How do you convince an employee to adopt a new technology?


As per a study conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting, many managers feel that “achieving digital transformation is critical” to their companies. 63% believe that speed of technological change in their workplaces is too slow, primarily due to a “lack of urgency”. Also, the benefits are poorly communicated . It clearly is the job of the management to help the employees to cross the gap. This will help them to be comfortable with the change and understand the benefits of the change.

Choose technology wisely

Always keep your employee’s interests in mind. The technology should be user friendly as well as functional. Moreover, the new system should be approachable. It shouldn’t invoke a sense of fear in the minds of the employees.
If the change requires constant training and difficult to understand user manuals, one should expect reluctance from the employees. Also, the management should take feedback from the users before implementing the technology

Clear communication of situation

If the management has a compelling vision which makes it necessary to adopt a new technology, they should communicate that to the employees.

Demonstrating the economic benefits to help them understand what’s in it for them is important. Simply put, convince them that it will make their life easier.

technology adoption cycle

Make the training interesting

Familiarity with technology changes from person to person. Thus, the training given to every individual should vary accordingly.
Also, a few would like to watch videos while a few like hands on training. It will never prove to be a waste of time to notice such differences. Investing time in learning the new system is important.

Convince the influencers

The most liked people in the organization should be convinced first. Thus, their network automatically convinced. They serve as the advocates of the new technology. Once they like the technology, the followers/friends will follow their opinions.

Highlight quick wins

Once the technology is implemented and users start using it, the company should continually highlight the positive changes it has brought to the organization via emails, flyers etc. It acts like a case study to change for good. Communicating the positive outcomes is important.

Reward the early adopters

Rewarding the positive behavior conditions the minds of the employees and makes them understand that you care if they change. Also, it can be done through gamification of the process where the employees accumulates points or get financial incentives.


Penalize the defaulters

The company should consider penalizing for non-adoption. This should be strictly followed if the technology is critical to the survival of the company. Thus, non- adoption may directly impact the productivity or the bottom line. This step has to be the last resort since they discourage employees and create a hostile environment.

What are the Dos?

Focus on the benefits and advantages of the new technology. Thus, it shall help them realize as to how their lives would become easier
Rewarding employees in various ways will always work as an encouragement
The company should incorporate new technology in the routine of the employees. Also, positives should be highlighted

What are the Don’ts?

Choose a system which has a bad user interface. This will make it difficult for employees to change or adopt a new system.
Overlook the importance of getting your most influential employees on board early in the process; they will help you bring around others
Prioritise punishment. Penalties should be a last resort if incentives and rewards aren’t working.

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