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Surveys play a very important role in guiding an organization’s decision-making process. Surveys provide a bird’s eye view of any particular decision problem. Organizations and enterprises conduct surveys in order to track their internal control, compliances, policies, security and strength to manage risks. Surveys may be conducted to assess internal factors or external factors related to client behavior and expectations. In both cases, the enterprise would have to curate multiple surveys for different studies and objectives.

Conducting a survey involves many activities and a process needs to be followed. A survey encompasses the setting of goals and objectives, the structure of the survey, model to be used, designing questionnaire, collecting data and analyzing it. Each stage requires dedicated planning, designing and execution for successful implementation. This can prove to be very tedious, challenging and time-consuming. When an organization has to conduct multiple surveys, the complexity of execution increases.

VComply is an integrated cloud-based GRC platform which helps in better governance and compliance. VComply has multiple functionalities related to survey management, audit management, risk management, internal controls, compliance and many more. The survey management module can help in approaching surveys in a more systematic and efficient manner. The surveys can be stored categorically for efficient management and classification.

The module has five sub-modules for planning, creating, sending, collecting responses and managing them.

Planning surveys– The platform organizes all the surveys in a categorical manner making it easier for planning. The platform can also guide the users in creating surveys.

Creating surveys– Surveys can be created from the repository of surveys or create a new survey based on the requirements of the user. Numerous surveys across different categories are available in the repository. The platform assists the users with relevant tutorials.

Sending surveys– The created surveys can be sent to the required respondents. The respondents get notified about the survey requests. The sender also gets notified when the respondent fills the survey. Surveys can be easily deployed and tracked.

Collecting responses– The survey data can be collected and stored on the cloud and can be accessed anytime. This also ensures data security.

Analyzing surveys– Automated reports are generated from the collected data. This makes survey analysis more effective and hassle-free.

Benefits of using VComply

Using a survey management tool can provide an integrated approach to handling surveys. It enables a streamlined and automated approach to survey management. All the survey data can be centralized and accessed easily for analysis. It also helps in hassle-free report generation, thus improving efficiency. By implementing a survey management system, an organization can collect important data regarding its compliance systems and various internal controls. The platform is also easy to understand and use. It also facilitates better compliance and achievement of business goals and objectives.

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