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General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is going to strengthen and unify data protection within countries under EU and also monitors export of personal data outside the EU.

The announcement of an agreement to finalize GDPR was made in December 2015 and following a vote by the EU parliament, the compliance deadline for GDPR was set for May 2018. The GDPR requirements, as well as the amount of internal collaboration that will be needed to address them, means organizations need to plan for compliance now.

The primary objective of the GDPR is to give citizens back control of their personal data.  Once GDPR takes effect it will harmonize previous and other data protection regulations throughout the EU.

The impact is not only restricted to EU but organizations originated all around the globe. US companies that deals with the data of countries and organizations under the EU need to comply with the requirements or the consequences are drastic.

In case of any discrepancy, authorities keeping the record of data should be informed and also the potential owner of breached records. The organization even can be fined up to 20 million euros or 4% of annual revenue.

To tackle GDPR compliance requirements, organizations need to enable both on-premises and a cloud-based infrastructure for a secure server, storage, media and network. GRC SaaS such as VComply with 256 SSL encrypted service and SOC 1,2 and 3 certified can be useful to deal with such data compliances.

It not only ensures the safety of data but also ensures the right to be forgotten data after erasing from the server, where not even the developers or organization have access to that.

The GRC SaaS also ensure the authenticity of users and individuals on the platform and attains proof to compliance for error-free for auditable and demonstrable content.

VComply helps to process pertaining to data accuracy and integrity while establishing secure transactions and storage of data.

Encryption keeps data in an unreadable state unless a user or process presents the appropriate key. It prevents unauthorized data manipulation. For the highly state of the art encryption of the platform the integrity of data remains intact.

With the help of VComply risk mitigation and due diligence becomes very easy. It helps in the assessment of risk and conduct measures to demonstrate compliance.

Thus proactively helping in compliances for both the organization and employee with entire data control.

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