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Complex structure in the organisation makes the employee management a real daunting task especially with respect to clarity in objective and communication among the organisation, time and task management and performance evaluation.

Employee management
Employee management through managing compliance

Clarity of Objective

For an objective to be achieved, it is not only the top management who has to align the tasks and comply to the set objectives but also the employees of the organisation who need to understand the objective and align the work activities to achieve it. For instance, the top management cannot expand or diversify their business if its Finance Department is miser. Lack of clarity of objective would lead to the divergent activities further leading to state of confusion. It is very important for employees to assess the risk, prioritize the work and comply with tasks.

Clear Communication

An organization in this competitive world cannot afford a single mistake in their decision making process. Decision making not only involves the decision per se but also translating it to multiple activities and communicating it to relevant stakeholders. A clear communication of the allotted tasks with necessary Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and deadlines to the employees would help them understand the deliverables and keep track of multiple responsibilities with varying priority or risk associated with it. This clear understanding of the responsibilities would help the employees better comply with its responsibilities and improve performance manifold. 

Time Activity Optimization

With focus of the organisation to derive maximum value from the assets at hand, optimizing the use of its workforce is at the priority owing to high costs incurred in management of human resource. With employees’ multi-tasking at workplace, it has become very important to strategically allocate the work responsibilities among the employees so that no member is overburdened with tasks and few stay idle at the same time. It is also important to streamline the activities among the employees in order to achieve maximum cohesion among the activities. Cohesion is only possible if the tasks have defined set of deliverables, priority attached to it and takes in account the present workforce responsibilities. Setting a strict compliance schedule would lead to streamlining of activities and maximum value output from the assets at hand. An optimum way to achieve this is integrating your business with online GRC tool like VComply. This not only lets you operate hassle free but also leads to time optimization.

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Task Management

Understanding your employees’ work schedule can only lead to better cohesion if one has a very clear understanding of self’s responsibilities. Understanding your own responsibilities and risk associated with it would simplify the clutter of tasks, help devote more time on handling the tasks and employees rather than on figuring out own responsibilities. It would also help achieve streamlining of the activities as a group or a team. A clear mind can comply with his deliverables and deadlines more effectively than a confused state of mind.

Performance Evaluation

With compensation of the employees directly linked to their performance, measuring performance is a very important factor for any organization. Transparency and accountability is of utmost importance for fair evaluation. With employees entrusted with multiple responsibilities to be complied with, compliance can be an important indicator for the performance. With capability limitation of humans to process large data, a clear objective evaluation is difficult to achieve. A detailed compliance report would make the evaluation more objective and would bring transparency to the process for fair evaluation. This transparent evaluation would also motivate the employees for better performance.

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