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The governments, just like other organizations and institutions face numerous issues in their operations. The governments are very huge and maintaining compliances is extremely tiresome. The governments around the world face multiple challenges in the form of -governance across multiple departments, managing myriad risks and regulatory compliances and many more. The governments face a lot of environmental, health and safety risks and also have to manage the finances and other resources efficiently. They also face increased regulatory pressure which has to be compiled too, across departments. Of late the government has also been facing cyber security issues and hence maintaining the confidentiality of data is also of utmost importance.

Managing all of these issues manually is highly cumbersome, ineffective and costly. The governments are under constant pressure to minimize the cost incurred and provide the best possible infrastructure and security. The manual process is also prone to errors and also requires highly skilled resources to manage it.

Why and how can GRC help?

A technological solution in the form of GRC can help governments in reducing the burden of compliance and risk management. Various functionalities offered by GRC platforms can be deployed to achieve better results in government activities.

Governance, Risk and Compliance software has features related to governance which can help in managing the day to day activities across departments in a more simplistic manner. Issues arising due to the involvement of multiple hierarchies can be eliminated through this. All the activities can be streamlined for efficient workflows.

The platform also provides for risk management which is an important aspect in the public sector. Due to its size, governments are more prone to varied types of risks. The platform can provide a holistic approach to handling risks. The flexible module helps in identifying, analyzing, evaluating and mitigating risks. This adds value to the working of the public sector. The software can also facilitate audit management which helps in the end to end audit cycle management. Audit data can be easily collected and analyzed.

Compliance is made easier with GRC platforms. The software can provide solutions to ensure compliance with numerous regulations and policies across multiple geographies. The data collected in the process of risk and audit management can be stored in a secure manner over the cloud.

Thus, using GRC platforms can help governments to meet compliance and governance requirements with minimal investment in terms of both time and money. It provides a single integrated, unified solution for multiple problems. Decisions related to project risks and investments can be made in an informed manner. Most of the GRC platforms help in analyzing data and also provide automated reports. This provides real-time visibility into different departments and all levels of the public sector.

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