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Inclusive Leader

Today’s organizations have a diverse workforce. It is mix of various races, cultures, genders, generations, sexual orientations, and opinions.
One of the most important trait of a good managers is to be Inclusive in terms of ideation, creativity, and employee participation. Such inclusive teams create efficient workplaces which encourage evolution of leaders of tomorrow.
When it comes to dealing with humans, it is difficult to find a place to start with. However, once a leader inculcates certain habits, the team follows.  We have already discussed what it means to be a wise leader in this article. Which leads us to the conclusion that managers play a crucial role in encouraging, advocating and modeling such behavior in the organization..

What does it mean to be an inclusive manager?

An inclusive manager tries to bring about a radical change in the organisational culture. It should be a part of the long term strategy of the organization which takes a fair amount of time to be successful. Being an inclusive manager is a goal as well as a journey. One should develop skills that are generally a part of the management best practices. Eg. Creating a culture of compliance in the organization.  It may prove tough, but one must make it a necessity to ensure that the leaders of today and tomorrow can build the necessary trust and influence in their employees. Collaboration and diversity is necessary to thrive and grow in a dynamic organization.


Ensure that everyone is free to speak their mind

Employees with such managers are 1.3x more likely to be efficient and tap into their innovative potential. While hiring, one should try and find the right mix of employees to create a holistic environment. Here, each and every member of the organization is given the opportunity to excel.

Inclusive managers know how to communicate and serve as positive examples for everyone. Hence, they understand their own weaknesses and are able to overcome them by proactively working towards them. Organizations who have a diverse workforce and an inclusive manager easily outperform their peers financially.

Value every person

Inclusive manager values every member of their organization. It includes embracing the differences of an individual and celebrating such differences. Such a manager hires for talent by seeking underlying qualities using unorthodox hiring techniques. Also, they are have an open mind and at the same time, are shrewd. Such leaders encourage employees to think out of the box and break all the boundaries of traditional thinking.

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Open to innovation

Inclusive managers certainly define the goals and objectives of the company, yet, welcome innovation. Thus, they do not consider the feedback of an employee as an insult but as an opportunity to improve. “Innovate or die” is the motto of such managers which helps them set aside their fears and explore all kinds of possibilities.

Encourage Collaboration

Along with competition, inclusive leaders encourage collaboration. In such an environment, healthy competition is the highlight. Moreover, the employees learn to look at their co-workers in a positive light. This helps the team to nurture a harmonious culture. In a competitive and a collaborative team, various ideas collide. This process leads to increased efficiency.
Generally, the ones who realize the importance of inclusivity grow quickly and highly regarded in the business arena. Making conscious efforts, one needs to place importance to ask more questions, communicate and listen!

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