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The manufacturing industry has evolved greatly over the past decade, and new forms of technology have been a major catalyst for change. As a result, manufacturing companies face a gauntlet of challenges, and success is largely contingent upon being able to adapt and overcome.

Manufacturing Risk factor

Finding Qualified and Dedicated Employees

There has been a generational shift in recent years where many baby boomers are retiring and millennials are flooding the workforce. This has created somewhat of a void in terms of skills and experience – and many manufacturing companies are struggling to maintain a talented workforce. On top of this, it was increasingly difficult for companies to find dedicated employees with a strong work ethic and who consistently showed up.

In turn, this has led to a higher turnover rate and more time/money spent on recruiting and training new workers, which has put a damper on productivity.

The manufacturing skills gap

The baby boomer generation is reaching retirement age and leaving a considerable skills gap in the workforce. While manufacturing firms are doing what they can to inspire a new generation of manufacturing employees and experts, there is still a considerable void when it comes to skills and experience.

Keeping up With New Technology

The term big data is used just about everywhere these days, and it’s no exception in manufacturing. In order to stay competitive and thrive in our global economy, it’s necessary to implement new technology such as big data and 3D printing to make operations more efficient. Further on, it will be more important than ever for manufacturers to have a firm grasp on technology.

Maintaining Compliance

Across many industries and the manufacturing industry in particular, federal and state laws are amping up regulatory compliance. Whether it’s ensuring that workers are following safety protocol, disposing of waste properly or paying close attention to cybersecurity, today’s companies are under constant scrutiny and must take compliance very seriously. VComply helps companies in all their GRC woes with a one stop solution.

How a Staffing Partner Can Help

Due to the fact that employing knowledgeable and dedicated staff is arguably the biggest challenge that manufacturers will face in 2016, it’s smart to consider partnering up with a staffing agency. That’s because they will be able to find and hire some of the top workers in your area, thereby simplifying the process and equipping your company with talented and driven employees.

Although manufacturers are facing some daunting challenges, understanding these issues should help you develop an effective approach. In turn, you’ll be in a better position rise above the competition and ultimately thrive going forth.

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