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Compliance management is used in a workplace so that businesses can maintain momentum and grow at a constant rate. Regardless of where we work or what we do, every workplace is going to have deadlines to comply on time for effective risk management. Being able to finish our tasks on time is crucial to organizational productivity and for effective project management. With deadlines, the pace of employees’ work is managed so that similar types of team members are working on similar things at similar times.  This encourages teamwork because employees will all remain up to date with each other’s tasks and projects, and it also encourages productivity because not complying would mean that one has fallen behind and has let its co-workers and team down. Hence, putting emphasis on accountability.

This might become overwhelming at times, however, as tight deadlines mean late nights and last minute adjustments. But there are a few ways by which you can ensure that you do not miss deadlines and comply in time

time management

Making realistic commitments for projects

We should assess the importance and quality of the task or project at hand and set targets accordingly. It is always better to overestimate and deliver early, also providing a cushion for contingencies or risks that may arise abruptly.


Communication becomes very crucial as clarity and expectations have to delivered in a two-way process, be it between clients and managers, superiors and subordinates or even team members. This leads to increased accountability on the hands of both parties and ultimately leads to more cogent compliance management

Prepare a To-Do List for task management

In order to execute any task efficiently and effectively, planning is the first step which cannot be ignored. This can be done by creating smaller deadlines, like on a daily basis, and thereby setting for yourself compliance in fragments. We can use software and online tools to track how much time a particular task is taking or simply jot them down on post-it notes. Each activity can be ticked off as they get done and complied. 

Have checks in place to mitigate risks

With various tasks at hand, it might not be possible to pay attention to regular on-going activities specifically. Therefore setting reminders can solve this problem as our brain will be less cluttered and can work efficiently. For this, we can have access to various online compliance platforms (like VComply) which performs all the reminding and book or mind keeping task for us hassle-free.

Divide deadlines into smaller deadlines

The responsibility should be divided into micro steps in sync with the macro plan. This way each task will get done in a timely and orderly fashion and with it, will come a sense of accomplishment which will boost our confidence only to perform better in the future.


Rewarding and appraisal

Managers should always appreciate the work of their employees and give small tokens of appreciation like an employee of the month etc. to boost their self-esteem needs (refer Maslow’s Need Hierarchy). This way the good performing ones feel valued and others will feel motivated to work harder.

Meeting compliances at work isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first – follow these tips above and you’ll see an improvement in the way you work and tackle your responsibilities in no time.

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