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Many organizations in their daily business dealings forget one of the most important and fundamental aspects of a successful organization, the need and importance of organizing. Organizing can be defined and explained as a systematic process of structuring, integrating, coordinating task goals, activities and resources in order to attain organizational objectives and aims. In their aim of achieving short-term gains, many organizations tend to ignore this very important aspect of organizing.

There are many benefits which can be traced directly back to successful organizing. Some of the benefits are discussed below:


Since everybody in an organization is given a part of the whole job and not the whole job itself, this leads to the distribution of the job on the basis of the individual’s field of expertise and knowledge. In the end, everybody is doing the job he/she is best at.

This leads to overall efficiency in the workings of the organization which then leads to everybody achieving more from it.


No Clashes:

Since the whole job is divided and everybody now knows what exactly he has to do, he will give his best to the job as now, he and only he is accountable for that job. This will eventually lead team members contribute effectively and since clear roles are defined, this won’t even lead to clashes or disputes. Harmony will prevail in the work force and everybody tries his best to make his part of the job stand out and shine.

Better use of Resources:

Since job roles are properly segmented and organized, duplication of work can be controlled and avoided all together. This will lead to the optimum utilization of the various resources and therefore save on costs and the company owned and public owned resources.


Effective organizing in an organization leads to flexibility and easy adoption of any change in an organization. The flexibility helps in customization of the work with respect to individual and organizational goals. Proper organizing helps to change in relation to the ongoing trends and practices.

business structure

Growth and Expansion:

A good and effective organizing structure in any organization will eventually help the organization achieve both short-term and long-term goals. It helps in making the business grow and expand organically as well as inorganically.


Better coordination among teams:

Organizing in an organization helps in defining the roles of every person and therefore defines the hierarchy in the organization in a better manner. Such systematic structures lead to better coordination among the teams and departments therefore helping in the overall development of organization and its goals.

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