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“Disruptive technology has inherent risk, it’s about balancing this risk”. Many organizations are on the journey of digital transformation which represents the next stage of business maturity. Technological upgradation & change will have an impact on all organizations. It’s been said that “technology is everywhere.” The same people are beginning to say the same thing about organizational change, which is all about making businesses more efficient and effective.

The digital age in which we operate today has radically changed our perception of boundaries, be it social, personal or professional. In this dynamic scenario, successful execution of an organization’s business strategy involves balancing operational efficiency and revenue generation while managing risk effectively.GRC enables an organization to keep track of business activities, new contracts and engagement, customer relations, management decisions and investment. VComply provides convenience to organizations by keeping the organization’s objective in mind and its ability to perform in the most effective manner.

The changes in the multi-dimensional environment have started affecting an organization’s ability to keep a pace with an integrated GRC system. A digitalized integrated GRC is what an organization requires. In a world where we expect vital data and information to move seamlessly whenever needed, many business leaders still look at GRC as a necessary evil and neglect funding them. A leader must know that the mission of a well-defined and integrated GRC program is to maximize efficiency in business performance while enabling risk management and compliance keeping in mind organizational objective. A well-positioned GRC program protects and enables business performance helping increase both savings and performance. Cost of implementing is far less than the cost of not implementing holistic GRC program. Organizations continue to invest in new technologies and techniques to improve processes that manage tactical, operational, financial and compliance risks.

Organizations with successful GRC programs continue to grow by aligning their GRC functions. Most big organizations have started to recognize that GRC technology is essential to executing processes effectively and efficiently. GRC technologies offer essential functionalities for GRC transformation that can help drive optimization and standardization through automation and centralization. The value of an optimized, integrated, forward-looking GRC program is not achieved by merely shifting the focus of GRC activities but by strengthening the collaboration of each GRC activity within an organization.

Lastly, VComply is a GRC platform providing your organization with the best of solutions and interlinking all your business activities seamlessly!

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