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A part of Guerilla Marketing, Viral Marketing aids in making a company’s content more popular and shareable among its customers. Also, there are many channels through which the content created by the business can go viral. Techniques of creating such content include attaching emotion to it so that it strikes a chord with the user. Thus, creating humorous content in videos, memes and articles, and providing group discounts forms an integral part of viral marketing.

How to make Viral Marketing work for you?

Great content does not necessarily generate a large number of shares and likes.Viral Marketing, if done effectively can help you create the brand value that you desire. In order to make your content share- worthy, there should be certain pointers you need to keep in mind:

Content Creation Specifics

The first step is to identify your end user and their pain points. A good viral marketing content should be simple, yet effective in grasping the reader’s attention. They can achieve this by either making an emotional connect or being humorous.

Easy Shareability Options

The next aspect to consider is the ability of your content to be easily shared by your users. If users have to click more than thrice to share your content, you need to reconsider your sharing options. Incorporating the sharing feature on Facebook, Twitter and other social media will help you solve this problem.
Follow up: In order to increase the likes and shares, you need to keep providing related content. You can typically link your content with the current pop culture to help it gain more traction.


What Not to Do? Chipotle’s Twitter Hack

On its 20th Anniversary, Chipotle, an American chain of restaurants falsely claimed that its Twitter account had been hacked. It posted clues about the ingredients used in making guacamole. Many retweeted the post. Yet, when the truth was told, Chipotle’s followers were disappointed. They claimed that this strategy was in bad taste. Chipotle apologized for the same.

Share your ears

A success story: Disney’s #ShareyourEars for Make a Wish

Disney has been working for Make A Wish Foundation for quite a while now, helping it in its charitable endeavors. In 2016, it launched a #ShareyourEars campaign.Disney fans could share a photo of themselves in Mickey/Minnie ears with a ‘Make a Wish’ hashtag. It not only created awareness about the campaign but also improved customer relations. This campaign was a huge success! Disney donated $2 Million.


Viral Marketing is the best way to spread awareness about the business and its new initiatives among the buyer personas. It can help reach customer leads through evangelists. A good campaign should integrate all pointers with content to instantly connect with the target user.

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