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The risk related to noncompliance is a topic of discussion in today’s world where people are caught in the rat race for survival and tangled itself in the cobweb of responsibilities resulting in an inevitable human error and devastating consequences.

But are non compliance’s matter of concern only for organizations to manage teams and adhere to legal or nonlegal internal and external compliance responsibilities? Or non compliance in the personal life of an individual invites the same amount of ordeal?

The patient was an old lady with medical issues such as hypertension and surgical history, including cardiovascular disease and loss of blood platelets in successive interval of time. The patient had been seeing her house physician who was aware about her complex medical situation. He was also aware of the fact about his patient that she had the tendency of non-compliance and forgetting thus losing track of her routine checkups and medicines. There were instances of cancellation and no show for appointments which added up to her misery. This resulted in scanty and improper documentation of her health record and medical treatment process.

During the timeline of treatment, the underwent with a lot of medical checkups and prescribed high dosage and repetitive medicines. There were also cases when the doctor changed medicines or discontinued some based on the process of speedy recovery and betterment in patient’s condition. Furthermore, the doctor even recommended her to follow up with other specialists for the disorders creeping out through the journey of her treatment, but due to her faulty nature of forgetting she couldn’t keep up with such appointments.

In the periodic follow-up visits, the doctor found at that her condition was deteriorating simultaneously and completely bedridden. When asked about medication, the patient replied she faced hard time remembering her frequent appointments with doctors and having her medication in quick succession leading to such an ordeal. The doctor mentioned about the consequences of not complying with the process and also changed the course plan for the patient but, forgot to document it and register the new action plan for the treatment.
In less than a week, the doctor got the news of sudden diminishes of the patient.

The issues which could carter to manage the risk and compliance can be improper documentation of course of treatment and non compliance of the patient towards treatment and medication.

Therefore we should realize the severity of non compliance doesn’t only pertain to organizations to meet thousands of internal and external compliance’s, but also in our personal space where not meeting our compliance’s and responsibilities for mere neglect and human error can have devastating effect.

GRC management Saas such as VComply, doesn’t restrict its benefits to manage the day to day analyzing, verifying, entrusting, centralizing and thus sustaining data for organization to save the deep pockets of revenue but also serve the purpose of managing responsibilities of small teams or personal compliance’s by functioning as a task manager and responsibility viewer which categorize and segment responsibilities and serves the user depending on the frequency to remind and manage the work while decentralizing the data.

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