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In the now highly competitive industry of GRC management, the major frontrunners for years have been the following:

SAI Global – Diverse use cases, diverse customer base

MetricStream – User Interface Design, Very large use cases, Analytics

LogicManager – Very highly engaged customer support at no additional cost, most rapid deployment

Nasdaq BWise – Subscription based model, strong regulatory change management

Riskonnect – 72 languages support, strong workflow and extensive dashboarding and reporting, leverage the Salesforce brand

Rsam – Input-Output and Communication strength, Collect data in any format from multiple platforms (third party risk intelligence feeds)

In the recent times, however, VComply has established itself in the world of GRC management as one of the most trusted GRC management tools. One of the features that make it stand out amongst its competitors is the availability of a free demo or trial option which is not present in most of its contemporaries.

VComply follows a simplistic but efficient E.V.A.S framework-

E- Entrust: as VComply believes, business is nothing but a trust chain. Therefore, this feature enables you to assign responsibilities to various people or groups as well as set timelines for their completion. This helps an employer to keep track of his employees and make sure that the deadlines are being met.

V-Verify: you trust a person, how do you know he will continue to be trustworthy? The verify feature allows you to verify your trusted personnel. VComply ensures a framework, where those trusted with responsibilities continue to get verified so you’re better safe than sorry.

A-Analyze: to analyze the results being produced is of utmost importance to an organization. Which is why, VComply helps you analyze results from milestones and verifications in your project cycle and henceforth plan accordingly.

S-Sustain: the difficulty of building something is not so much as making sure that it lasts or sustains itself. This framework of VComply allows you to sustain your business and its returns by incorporating smart notifications and alerts.

Apart from this VComply also ensures that your data is protected at all times by employing industry-leading security standards. oAuth 2.0 lets you seamlessly integrate with applications such a Google Drive, One Drive etc.

It comes with a compact dashboard coupled with a simple UI which makes it a dream tool to work with. No special skills are required to operate this software. Its scalable model supports you in your journey of expansion and keeps building vertically according to your needs. For most organizations, the fee for using such kind of a software may prove cumbersome, especially if you are in the nascent stages of establishing yourself as an organization. VComply puts these woes to rest too, by providing transparent payment and ensures that you pay judiciously for the services you use. To top it all, with its platform flexibility, you can access VComply anytime, anywhere!

So next time there is a battle between compliance management options in your head, know that VComply is always on the winning side.

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