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With the increasing complexity of the businesses, the number of policies and procedures are also becoming more complex. Fuelled by the requirement of policy management tools, the business now looks towards IT system architecture to build a robust system for policy management. Keeping a paper-based document is a tedious task and is impossible to analyze them on the whole. So businesses are setting up a system for online policy and contract management.

However, the biggest challenge in moving towards cloud-based system is figuring out the suitability of the software tool with the business. As many factors are considered before finalizing one of the platforms, below are few of the most important considerations to be kept in mind while selecting the best tool for business.


While there are many general purpose tools available across varied sectors, it is important to select a tool which best suits your sector requirements.
“Jack of All Trades and Master of None.” tools would not be effectively able to contribute to business growth. Every sector is unique with their different sets of challenges. It is important for the tool to be able to integrate with your existing policy management system and not vice versa. The system should ensure a customized compliance service with an excellent level of service to make daily compliances easier. The general policy management tool would not provide high service to a financial company dealing with dynamic policies depending on financial market conditions.


With popular brands serving varied industries, businesses often tend to rely heavily on the big brands owing to their success in multiple organizations. However, for your business, what matters is the success of your business and which product will help you in your goal. Objectively evaluate the product options with little focus on the brand. This would help you select the best-suited tools for your business.T A thorough research along with quantifiable evaluation parameters would facilitate the process.


Implementing the policy management tool into the business system should not be rushed. Unsystematic implementation would further waste time and resources of the organization in order to sync the business processes. With these tools being inherently complex in nature after sales training and support is a very important factor. Your software vendor should provide rapid deployment along with good after-sales support at minimal extra costs. Understand the utility of the product into your system rather than understanding the features of the tools.


Users will be required to be trained on the tool and it is highly likely that businesses would spend a lot of time in setting the system. It is during the after-sales support that you will get to know your vendor very well. Make sure your employees are comfortable using the product. This investment is one time and a big one, so make sure you derive the maximum output from it in the long term. Show high commitment to the tool and tool would drive great results.

VComply provides an integrated and customizable solution for contracts, licenses, accreditations and policy management.
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